Nov 4, 2016

Rat and Mouse Game

Stock market is a Mickey Mouse game. Rat and cat game.
People were buying stocks which has low or no holding of Foreign investors. So that in case of foreign selling they are affected least. Now, due to global fear, mid caps and small caps are falling like a pack of cards. I came to know that FII are selling then how come small caps and mid caps are falling.
No secure place to hide forever. It is a rat and cat game.
Oct 24, 2016

Ruchira papers and West Coast Papers: Value and Growth Stocks

Papers stocks are gaining ground. Analysts think paper will gain in price as input cost are cheaper and will stay. Few companies are shut down globally, analysts say. That I didn't checked but recently Balarpur Industies forced to close three plants. That caused gain in demand for competitors. Balarpur Industries is a very big paper manufacturer.

I choose Ruchira Papers at Rs 114.35 and West Coast Papers at Rs 126 for few months.

I mentioned these stocks few hours earlier on Facebook group. To join find link on sidebar.