Sep 15, 2014

Control Print: Value and Growth Stock

Control Print Ltd is in printing on product business. These days govt regulated to print product information on every products. This company is in very good shape and it is still very undervalued. The Modi wave has reached here as well but still there are lot to go. Before any big names buy it, we should buy it. It is growing at rapid pace. Operating profit margin is very good.

This should be a multibagger if you hold it for long. This company is virtually debt free.

Visit the official website to know about it.

PE = 12.38,
P/B = 2.09,
P/S = 1.87 - Here it is little more.

Poddar Pigments Ltd: Value and Growth Stock

Poddar Pigments Ltd manufactures color for many types of industries. It is a good name in its segment. It is growing rapidly with good balance sheet. Stock is running at slow and steady pace from quite some time. Still its PE is only 13.70.

I cannot tell much about its products I hold little knowledge in this segment. To get the clear picture of its products and applications, visit the Poddar Pigment site.

Promoter has increased his stake. The company is virtually debt free and promoter holding is 60.43%.

PE = 13.7,
P/B = 2.01,
P/S = 0.53.

It is very undervalued but the point is that it has run a quite from few months. Hoping for many more steam left in it. If you buy it then don't sell it in hurry until and unless some catastrophe happen in economy. I hope for 200% return in 1 year.