Mar 11, 2007

Raj Thakre trumpet of Bihari migrant

In recent 1st anniversary function, Raj Thakre said to Bihari migrant “Behave correctly”.
He seemed very aggressive about migrant worker from north India.
I will only say instead of raising such voice he should do something about poor in south Maharashtra (Vdharva region). He and their parent party must not distract people attention from their failure in tackling the real issue. He with his parent party is in Municipal Corporation from last ten years. He just one year before parted way from Shiv Sena. So he and their parent party were in a position to do something for them or at least raise voice for them.

In Vidarbha region thousands of farmers have committed suicide and still doing so. Vidarbha region are demanding separate state. Is that the reason for not giving head there? If yes, may be they also become migrant in eye of Raj Thakre and Shiv Sena.

Just few months back in Municipal election they have asked for votes from all section including Hindi speaking voters. Now after only two months they are behaving like this.

Raj Thakre must get lesson from Nitish Kumar (Current Bihar Chief Minister), who after becoming CM said, “I will work under constitution, and not work against any one due to personal reason. (They are referring to past Bihar CM, who is famous for mitigating the image of Bihari people. If Nitish Kumar have done bad or tried to do some bad then probably people of Bihar has also supported them against past Bihar CM).