Apr 7, 2007

BJP back to basic policy

BJP is trying to go back to their basic agenda. Bharatiya Janata Party’s basic lies in Hindutva.
BJP did wrong interpretation of their progress story. Their basic do not lie in Mandir-Masjid.

BJP got lot of supports from ‘Ram Mandir’ issue at 1982. After that they come to power in 1999. BJP perhaps forgot one thing that they got lot of support from youngsters.
At that time they also raised issues of article 370, common civil code, one India one rule and lots of International issues. Youngsters thought that this party can create a new India. Majority are Hindus here so they did not mark the incorrect religious temperament of BJP at that time. But majority did not voted for Hindutva state. Instead they want one India, common civil code. They wanted the new India will be more progressive and have all the facilities ready for their youngsters.

BJP must awake and try to rethink on their basic policy. When they correctly think and plan for their policy and try to work hard for gaining confidence of youth again then they will not need to release any kind of CD at the election time.

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