May 1, 2007

Good News about Indian People health; Bad news for doctors

:) :) :) India is on very good path for healthy reason. They are eating more green vegetables, less red meat; more fruits and milk, less smoking; more pulses, chicken and eggs, less saturated fat like vanaspati and coconut oil.

Smoking too has dropped 30% in urban areas in the 11-year period since 1993-94. The proportion of households with at least one bidi smoker has dropped 26% (rural India) and 35% (urban).

These are the findings of a study by National Sample Survey Organization which has captured the country's stay-fit spirit - a spirit already sweeping developed countries. While the study has not captured whether Indians are exercising more or not, it has found they are spending more on healthcare than before.

This data is not only reflective of urban area but also in rural area.

Consumption of fruits and vegetables is also up, with a five to 15 percentage point increase in intake of various vegetables. Consumption of milk has gone up by a mere five percentage points in both rural and urban India between 1993-94 and 2004-05, people have started eating more eggs - egg consumption going up by nearly 60% in rural India.

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