Apr 1, 2007

Sex education in schools!

Provide Sex education in schools or not? This is the question for which every state in India are trying to find answer. All know the correct answers but no state is ready to fully accept the correct answer. Madhya Pradesh has implemented this education but after two years of running it they abolished it from school curriculum. Fundamentalist raised their voices against it and current political party at power don’t want to take risk know as they have to face election in near future.

With spiraling rate of AIDS in India, India needs this education at school level. But accepting new methods need courage and effort to initiate. It is different matter if some event or time throws change on you. Then people find alibi that it is not me but this & that reasons who are causing it.

I don’t understand why fundamentalists are called fundamentalists! Currently, so called fundamentalists are not holding any fundamental value.

Anyway In my opinion sex education must be taught in 10th standard, If not earlier. At 10th standard, people are much matured and they are already become aware of their sex. So instead of leaving them to learn sex practice from wrong source (cheap publication,) we should give them idea of what and how of sex. With sex education, maternity and paternity responsibility should be thought in simpler manner, So that every family can become correct first schools.