Apr 1, 2007

Uttar Pradesh(UP) election and my weight goes to ???

I am not electorate of UP, so I cannot say my vote goes to ???. Three parties are close to winning election: BSP (Mayawati), SP (Mulayam Singh) and BJP. According to a survey by an electronic media Bahujan Samaj Party and ruling Samajwadi Party will be in tug of war, and BJP will be behind of both.

I can see three parties are close. The third one is BJP. Congress can also fare well from unexpected quarters but they are very poor there and gaining few more seats will not affect the result much.

From development point of view and from current standard of the three parties there in fray, I could not see any of the three parties are in good frame. Kalyan Singh was in power, and they did not perform well at any tasks. They are fit for caste equation in the eye of BJP. So foundation is very wrong.

So, it is time for people of UP to vote for people and not for any party. In this case only people of UP can give vote for good reason. If hung assembly came (possibility is high), then also good MLA can do something for state (UP), getting power from you.
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