May 14, 2007

Pakistan is burning

On March 9, 2007 president Musharraf suspends chief Justice of Pakistan “Iftikar Mohammed Chaudhry”. Musharraf blamed Iftikar Chaudhry for misusing of authority.

People of Pakistan ruled by army and denied many human rights become violent. Chief Justice hold good command over judiciary circle and common people, as it is clear after repeated events.

For India the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 gave spark for Independent. That time Karachi, was also part of India. But it looks that was not sufficient for Pakistan. This event can prove to be 1857 for Karachi.
Many times Pakistan has fallen under military ruler. For many Pakistani it may have become a common event. Now they want democracy.

Iftikar Chaudhry becomes a focal point of the movement for democracy. Chaudhry commands good supports from people of Karachi, more than it is expected. On Saturday (12 May), he was coming to Karachi for addressing rally organized by his supporters. Muttehida Quami Movement, an ally of military Pakistan, forcibly blocked suspended Chaudhry’s exit from airport. This led to burning Karachi.
In support of democracy, Pakistan needs a M. K. Gandhi like people also. So that he can raise awareness among common people of Pakistan for pro-democracy movement. This way Musharraf can be forced to quit their Job (Quit India Movement).