Jun 7, 2007

Happy Consumer in India

The Nielsen Company's Global Consumer Confidence Index given Indian Consumer highest point. India came first with 135, followed by Norway on 132 and Denmark on 127, although all three scores were down 1-2 points from six months ago.

Scandinavians were also bullish, while Japanese, South Koreans and Hungarians were among the most pessimistic consumers, according to the survey, which gauges consumers' outlook for the next 12 months.

Neighbours South Korea in contrast came bottom of the ranking, scoring just 50 and down six points from the previous survey. Confidence in Japan also dropped, by 3 points to 68, despite signs of an improving economy.

Consumer sentiment in the United States, the world's biggest economy, dipped 2 points from a previous survey taken in November to 106. However, that was still better than most countries and on a par with China, whose score was unchanged.

Source: India tops global consumer index