Jun 16, 2007

Who Will Be Next President of India

Now very soon you could not imagine only male names when president names are discussed. UPA (United Progressive Alliance) has selected Rajasthan Governer Pratibha Patil as their presidential nominee. As of now she is backed by left and BSP (Mayawati) also. BSP is holding lots of weight due to command on Uttar Pradesh having highest votes.

UPA President Sonia Gandhi said “It is a matter of pride and a historic moment in the 60th year our Republic India. But this is more of instance and not by choice. Congress has tried hard putting Shivraj Patil and their other members as Presidential candidate to UPA partners but failed to convince their alliance partners (UPA).

I think you all have noticed that how much these politicians are in distress with non-political non-corrupt president’s post. More than 80% people voted president Kalam as their only choice.
Anyway this women candidates issue is a good tool in the hand of Sonia Gandhi and UPA partners. They can put this issue before public. This tool will hard to crack nut for BJP and NDA allies.

UPA (+ left) and BSP backing Pratibha Patil (full name: Prathiva Devisingh Patil Shekhawat) as President, so it most likely she will be next president of India. Arithmetic is with UPA in Presidential election. Current situation is that only cross voting can save NDA.

Baharan Singh Shekhawat ( a BJP nominee, opposition NDA’s main partner + NDA) is telling himself as an Independent candidate. He is eying support of new front ‘third front in making’ led by AIADMK chief J. Jayalalita.

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