Oct 1, 2007

Corporal Punishment in Schools

A bad news about the corporal punishment is on the rise in schools. News about corporal punishment is coming from all across India. This is an example of general trends of increasing stress level of people and worsening relationship between teacher and student.
Recent example of corporate punishment is a 6-year-old stripped for not doing homework.

I will attribute increasing trend of heavy punishment to general trend of stress and depression among common masses. Teachers come from our society. Student and teachers are both affected by these problems. Students are stressed due to heavy pressure from competition, parent’s expectation from them and lots of information they have to chew from all around. Students are doing less physical work due to computer gaming or work pressure.

Discussion is going on corporal punishment: - Corporal punishment is good or not? How much of corporal punishment can be allowed in school?

Corporal punishment is being used in India from very old times. These days teachers are using this punishment for feeding their own anger and stress level and not for student’s welfare. Any punishment which affects child’ mental health is very serious in nature and must be checked. Teachers must be punished according to law for showing this kind of behaviors.

In our growing country we need to employ teachers without proper training to the teachers. Many of them do not understand the basic behaviors of children and how to handle errant children.
A weekly training program must be organized by government for these teachers on yearly basis. There they can get training for handling students and also parental responsibility. Parental care training can be given to adult people because many people do not know how to take care of their own children.