Mar 2, 2008

Radio Will Have More for You and also Lots for Village People

Telecoms Regulatory Authority of India has recommended many new things for FM radio. Only AIR (All India Radio) has right to broadcast news. But if government approves TRAI (Telecoms Regulatory Authority of India) recommendation then lots of news channels will come with their news.

Currently for news content, new news channels have to take content from authorized news agency like AIR, Doordarshan, UNI, and PTI etc. but this is a good move forward.

Indian will have very soon lots to listen in their free time. They can hear news, entertainment and other useful information in their local language. And this is also at district level. TRAI has proposed that change in geographical basis for bidding from city to district.

Some 3+ years back, I purchased a new transistor for me. Then few of my relatives and friends laughed at me. Then I was at Patna. Radio listening is still more or less viewed as something for villagers. They do not have access to cable, electricity. That time I purchased it, thinking it will be good for my study. Television adds lots of distraction then radio. That times I though and read somewhere also that radio will progress. My belief was based on many reasons. One, people are becoming very busy these days. They may not have time to view TV but they will need some entertainment and information related to current affair. So they will turn to radio for entertainment and information. I saw that student mostly hear radio for songs, news and commentary. Another big reason for gaining popularity of radio is due to busy life, people are not going to enjoy all physical articles they will purchase. People started listening radio on new ways. They are listening it on car and through mobile.

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