May 22, 2008

Home minister’s equation – Afzal Guru equals to Sarabjit

Some times in our discussion we say home minister to our housewife lady. That lady can be illiterate or highly educated. Our home minister’s remark on Sarabjit (accused in bomb blast in Pakistan) and Afzal Guru (Indian parliament attack accused) is like any illiterate housewife lady’s remark or may be worse than that. At least our housewife can think about home people are trying to save Sarabjit.

I do not know how much innocent Sarabjit is! He may be innocent or he may be accused. The person in the government must at least know some politics and have some common sense. Government and Indian people want to save Sarabjit for they are innocent. Our minister should present the case such that clemency for Sarabjit can become easier. But what is he doing! He is telling he is the terrorist of the kind who has attacked on temple of democracy. This way he can, one day, say why you all are making so much hue and cry when we met serial bomb blast every year and Afjal Guru attack just killed few compared to the number killed in many Serial blasts.

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