Jun 29, 2008

50% Break on Indian Technology Competency

India will get a break on its technical competency by the government in the name of social justice. Current congress government wants to introduce quota in IIT Teaching staff post.
This government has no vision for development has already implemented quotas on IITs student selection are now implementing reservation on teaching staff.

IIT recruits lecturers post on contractual basis and the basic salary is only Rs 10,000 per month. Generally fresh PhD candidates are taken at the lecturer level. Good lecturers are promoted to assistant professor and inducted into permanent rolls of the IITs. After reservation in effect, 49.5 per cent of the post will be reserved.

One IIT director has said, he is shocked by the decision. Many teachers come to join the premier technology institute of India after giving up very high salary and post.

IITs already have reservation for backward category candidates for administrative posts. Currently candidates for administrative

Few days back, Rajasthan government has recommended reservation for agitating Gujjars for ST category. Raje, Rajasthan CM, also recommended quotas for poor among upper caste to center. Reservation based on financial condition is of some use.

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