Jun 29, 2008

India Having More Scientific Manpower

India has some reason to celebrate for its increasing scientific manpower. India is ahead of UK, South Korea and Taiwan in number of science doctorates it generated from 1983 to 2003. United Kingdom (UK) is a biotech powerhouse, South Korea is an electronic giant and Taiwan is also far ahead in electronics.

From 1983 to 2003, India’s science PhDs went up from 3,886 to 6,318 while it went up from 2,430 to 3,780 in UK. South Korea, which began with 281 PhDs, surged to 3225, while Taiwan from 8 is now at 202.

The USA as usual in tech field is very ahead of the India. In 1983 the USA had 19,274 PhDs in science and in 2003 it went up to 26, 891. The USA has four times the number of PhDs in India.