Jul 6, 2008

China Planning Village For Nagas

China not only supported Pakistan in establishing nuclear facilities, it is now supporting nagas for setting up string base in India. Pakistan sends its men to India as terrorist, china is started supported the terrorists in India.

There is no permanent friend or foe in international politics. China believes in this and left no stone unturned to weaken India – a competitor to china. India believes in good relationship, peace and harmony. But in international politics and policy this fixed thinking is proved to be an immature thinking.

China is helping setting up a Naga village at upper Burma Nalla in Arunachal Pradesh’s Changlang district. This help to open transshipment route from china’s Yunnan province to Arunachal Pradesh.

According to India intelligence, systematic settlement of Myanmar’s Nagas in Auranachal would change demographic composition in this region and lead to a major ethnic violence.

China made it clear in 1980 that it will not back India’s Northeast Insurgents, still its troops have been training to different northeastern insurgent outfits like NSCN (K), UNLF, PLA, KYKL in upper Myanmar.