Jul 20, 2008

India Is Ready With Its Own Ship Engine

India has entered into elite club of Marine Gas Turbine designers by developing ship engine. Gas Turbine Research Establishment of DRDO (Defense Research Development Organization) develops the Kaveri engine. It is in the testing environment in the naval dockyard of Vishakapatnam. Its performance is good there.

Kaveri engine is named Gaveri Marine Gas Turbine (KMGT). Its testing is going on the Marine Gas Turnbine test bed in Vishakapatnam. This test bed is Indian Navy facility capable of testing the gas turbines upto 25 MW of shaft power.

Currently Marine Gas Turbine designers in world are USA, Russia, the UK and Ukraine.

This engine is the outcome of Kaveri Aero engine. Work on this aero engine is in final stages. This aero engine is to be used in the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA).