Aug 4, 2008

Blast After Blast Political Scenario Is Same

Blast after blast political scenario has not changed in India. Its focus is on whether a decision is anti-minority (read Muslim) or not, a just discussed topic is suitable for vote-bank or not. The focus is not on how many blasts and security lapse have been avoided. Maximum we think about how soon we returned into normalcy after blasts.

Earlier, a blast or serial blast happens in a year or two. Now you can see our neighbor state is so focused in their plan that blasts is happening on monthly basis. Terrorists also blown Indian embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Our leaders are not making any focused long term strategy. Every time something wrong happens and they discuss it but never come up with what has happened with the old policy. What was the flaw in old policy and their implementation?

Enemy has started taking advantage of local problems also. It can device a plan for taking advantage of migrants issue, religious issues and now it even talked about Gujjar – Mina issue.