Aug 27, 2008

Infrastructure Sector Created Maximum Jobs

Infrastructure has created maximum job in first quarter of 2008-2009. High investment in this sector has resulted in twelve persent share of Infrastructure sector in Job creation.

In areas of aviation, construction, energy, core Infrastructure, metals and mining (All are counted in Infrastructure) this sector has provided jobs to 12,580 people between April-June 2008. Total jobs created in India was 1,05,638 during the same period.

Construction and mining are leading segment in Infrastructure sector.

If you look at Infrastructure sector's job, city-wise, Mumbai are leading and Delhi and chennai are following it. In Tier 2 cities maximum numbers of job created in Pune and Ahmedabad.

Ankleshwar - 13.01 per cent in Gujarat, Bhopal -8.70 per cent in MP and Guwahati - 7.41 per cent in Asaam ware top three as a Tier 3 cities job provider in this sector.