Oct 25, 2008

Raj Attacks on North Indian and Burning Bihar

Raj attacked on North Indian railway exam aspirant and not only on Bihari people. On the Railway Examination day Raj men attacked on any one who their people think are outside of the state. It is different matter that one aspirant died is Bihari. Many injured from other states too.

Bihar is unnecessary taking on its on. It is right Bihar must fight for this 'gundagardi' in Mumbai but by resorting to violence and reacting on their own it looks fighting with Raj Thackery is Bihar only job. All other states have played trick by siding itself. On that day students from all India would be there. Student from Bihar, Bangal, Uttar Predesh and other states are targeted. All states must have raised concern in one voice. Still, if Bihar feels need to fight with Thackerays'(Raj and Bal) then they must fight in Mumbai itself through community development and whatever actions they can take there. Just using violence in Bihar is not helping their cause.

Raj Thackeray and Bal Thackeray wants to polarize the Maharashtra politics for their gain in coming elections. Both do not have anything to do for Maharashtra people. Bal Thackeray is already taken benefits of this by polarizing the vote back against South Indian.