Nov 9, 2008

Divide And Rule – Old But Gold For Many

Divide and rule is old and we all know and learnt it that English has used it for their gain. They divided India's small ruler's spread across all over India. But the question is how much we pay attention to this for our own self gain in return of pity gain, given by these – sometimes intelligent and cunning politicians and many times cheap politicians. You will find these people at every place but we ignore it thinking they are not for me to hurt. But as soon as they succeed in getting us in tow parts, we as a simple person completely forgot another part (our own part earlier), and become true victim of their design.

Now, talking our own politician's only Raj and Bal thackery's motive is always that. Not only this, they do not have made other plan. Plan for development of maharashtra. Each politician has his or her group in mind for divided and rule. Congress has got larger group in mind – caste and creed, poor and rich. All caste has their role to play in traditional way. Now all are doing according to each person's own capacity in caste and not accruing to their caste original role in society. BJP has their group – Hindu and Muslim. Initially by not supporting the Terrorism cause (newly coined Hindi Terrorism), BJP has shown some limit in their divide and rule policy, but latter they taken a U-turn.

Like you have listened 'Hindu Terrorism', a new term, what will happen if you get some more terms like North Indian protection group, South Indian protection group, Marathi Manoos protection group. It will not be a new or very difficult task for India – a country of billion people. Moist survive, CPI(ML), many small and big terrorist organization and various sena outfits has survived. They are growing for some reasons. So, there is some who are getting benefits out of it. But how many getting pain from all these organizations, think also!
So, by helping these people, these organizations, few people from these group – few Shiv sainiks, few MSN workers, few Congress or BJP workers will gain and off course their patron leaders, if they have not been get targeted by opposite group!