Nov 4, 2008

Flourishing Bhojpuri Industry May Go Out Of Mumbai

As a side affect of Raj's tirade against North Indian, Bhojpuri film industry can out of Mumbai. Bhojpuri Film industry is over Rs 200-crore. It provides jobs to lots of workers from Maharashtra. With an average output of 75 movies per annum and an over 250 million target audience, the Bhojpuri film industry employs hundreds of unskilled and semi-skilled people from the state in various stages of production and distribution.

The industry, which has around 50 registered production houses in Mumbai, has initiated talks with some state governments like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar for its set up.

Manoj Tiwari said that despite employing a large number of Maharashtrians, the Bhojpuri film industry was still being targeted for "our connection with north India, even though Bhojpuri films have their audiences across the country."

Bhojpuri film is in demand noy only in India but also have a vast overseas market as the Bhojpuri diaspora is spread over countries like Mauritius, Nepal, Dubai, Ghana, West Indies, Fiji, Indonesia, Surinam and the Netherlands.

But why only Bjojpuri Film is going outside of Maharashtra, Hindi film industry should also go from there, as they are targeting Hindi speaking people.

Source: Indiatimes