Nov 1, 2008

Right To Education For 6-14 Age Group Children

The Union cabinet on Thursday cleared the right to education bill. This will be introduced in parliament in December. After Right to Education (RTE) becomes law, education will become fundamental right for age group of 6-14.
Currently Right to Education is directive principle of the state policy.
Group of Ministers (GOM) decided, both the center and state would be responsible for finance. The GOM will consult the Finance Commission for additional resources.
This will have features, which prohibit teachers from undertaking private tuitions and not letting them for use in non-educational purposes (election duty, vaccination etc).
To monitor the implementation, the bill proposes national commission for elementary education. And it chairman will be appointed by a committee consisting of Prime Minister, leaders of Opposition in both houses of parliament and Lok Sabha Speaker.
This bill will cost nearly Rs 12,000 crore every year to the government. Private unaided school will also have to reserve 25% for the poor in the neighborhood.