BJP supporters launched "Friends Of BJP"

Mar 22, 2009

Friends of BJP has launched a website to get support for the BJP in the coming Lok Sabha election. Their view is not essentially match with the BJP. Supporter of BJP think of BJP as a most capable party in the coming Lok Sabha election.

On Saturday 28, Feb 2009, Arun Jaitely has launched the "Friend of BJP" in Mumbai.

Friends of BJP can subscribe of daily updates on or via SMS 4BJP to 575758.

BJP has recently thought of many ways to get support of educated people and start a discussion with them. This is very encouraging sign as political parties do not try to face educated people for vote. Educated people can help country by becoming a part of the Indian policies. It is not essential that one must be PM to help the country. One can be a party activist or simple volunteer to effect the policies of the political parties. They can influence the decision made by political parties. and it will be very fruitful for the Nation.

Arun Jaitley and Ananth Kumar on Bangalore BJP meet:

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  1. why not bjp sets an example by not encouraging criminals? instead of taking shelter behind logic of conviction

  2. Did you ever tried helping the people who is right but not in majority number wise?
    How many person do you saw supported the right person instead of the person who can bribe?
    You can ask ur question to BJP party leaders.
    I am not telling BJP is the ideal party. Compared to others in the fray it is not the worst either.
    If BJP will follow philosophy then after 15/100 years some will remember bjp was a party who spoke about the criminal in politics. because now only after following your philosophy bjp will cease to exist. you will not only vote only for cleanliness and bjp cannot handle lalu and cpm like party who have big guts underneath for violence using philosophy.

    Social change takes time. Social change is not about the individual , it is not about intellectual, it is more about common man!

    So, vote for a party who is least corrupt, more nationalist, more development oriented, ....