Mar 25, 2009

Sweden Trip

I got a change to visit Stockholm, Sweden a month back and I would like to share my experience here.
It was my first visit outside of India.

It was a nice experience to see Europe. I got change to have spent few hours in Paris also. In night I was in Paris due to my connecting flight was after 12 hours. It was my business trip. In nearby connection flight we could not get ticket.

It was an economy class so sitting for so long was little difficult. I saw Air-hostess job is not easy one though. So, my little pain in leg was not big. I have one colugue with me and one nice girl was beside me. Time to Time I start chatting with her and she was not minding chatting with me. It was a good antidote of little boring due to sitting for so long.

I have found using toilet paper in toilet instead of water very difficult and dirty. :(
We Indian need water for washing...

It was a cold season so I could not capture much images as I should. and the person who was there for us was also related to business so he was also in hurry. Though I must mention that those guys given much time for entertainment as they can. They were also our host.

I thought to write a big travelogue but not getting the time. I have written something about the trip on twitter you may like to read.