Jan 21, 2010

Pakistani Players are avoided In IPL 2010

Pakistani players are avoided in bid. It came out that it was a consensus between franchises. Various reasons are cited for this situation. Security reason is most powerful. Franchisers want guarantee from Government and government told I cannot give it but you are free to invite and include players. Uncertainty of Pakistani players playing or not is the main cause said to be in mind of businessman.

Whatever be the reason for not including Pakistani players in this season of IPL, I also agree with Rameez Raja's view that these payers should not be invited and we could have understood the reason for this. He also said that last year when no Pakistani players was part of IPL, TV channels was open and people watched the IPL with much interest, but this year due to this behaviors, cable channels have already been asked to block the telecast of the tournament. I also could not understand what was the compelling reason not to tell it directly to players across border that we could not invite you to the IPL 2010 tournament due to so and so reason.