Feb 21, 2010

Bihar Economic Development is Real!

Today's S.A. Aiyar article about Bihar economic development shed light about the current situation on economic status and possible economic development Bihar can see in future. He have mentioned some data that tells that Bihar economic development is true and is well a miracle economy. GDP growth of 8 percent or more is thought to be miracle economy.

Recent statement by few leaders (bad leaders) that Bihar economic development is not a true story but a hogwash is not true and no one has manipulated the growth story of Bihar.
Here you can see the data present in support of the Bihar development:

He not only given CSO data but also thought of the leaders nature and natural process of winning election. For example, he tell that no politician can claim to win election on the basis of economic growth. People's personal experience matter much.

Few more points from the same article:
In Lalu’s time, swaggering goons showed off their guns in public. Today no gunman is visible. The Nitish administration has convicted 38,000 people, including dozens of politicians, some from the ruling party itself — for violating the Arms Act.

The economic miracle has been led by construction, which has averaged a colossal growth rate of 47% per year for the last five years. Government development spending has zoomed from Rs 2,000 crore to Rs 16,000 crore per year.

Most impressive has been the rise in road construction, from 384 kilometres in 2004-05 to 2,417 kilometers in 2008-09. Security plus road and telecom expansion have incubated a boom in small business and domestic construction.

However, large-scale industries has not shown growth. Organized sector output actually fell in the Lalu era from Rs 1,150 crore in 1999-00 to Rs 790 crore in 2004-05 at constant prices, and has stagnated under Nitish. Big industry owner are waiting for election in Bihar. What will be the outcome of
next election will decide the growth of large-scale industries. Many large industries have proposed big investments.

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A Glimpse of Changing Bihar