Jul 17, 2010

Found an Important page in Google Search but the Web Site is Down!

Here is an idea of how to get a web page when the site is down. The page shall be available every time. For very new site and not a popular page this method may not work. It may have happened that the web site that hosted a page you want to visit after searching in search engine is down! And if you ware looking for an important topic and not finding that topic then you thought of why this time this site is down. In shared hosting this may happen more frequently than in dedicated hosting. But finding Website down for few minutes is one possibility that can happen anytime.

When I look for a web page and found the website down then I go to Google and ask for that page. Google cache every pages it find important. So, just press back button on browser and reach to the same search result and press on Cache link visible after each search result and your content is ready. If you like to visit other pages of same site then you can use this search operator: site:website.com.

Also, try this with search term. Suppose I want to search for PHP on satya-weblog.com.
site:satya-weblog.com php