Oct 17, 2010

Join Facebook page for Anand Kumar (super 30)

I have created a Facebook page and info written there is:

This is a community dedicated to Mr. Anand Kumar, who it getting lots of appreciation from his Super 30 coaching institute. He is not just giving any help to poor. He is sacrificing his own time, leisure and many more for the true upliftment of intelligent and poor people.
Defining intelligent is not an easy task. Whomever he has selected from past 3 years were selected in IIT exam. He is doing so from many years. He is not accepting any monetary help for obvious reason.
Now, I came to know that he is planning to open school for underprivileged, where poor children from 3-4 standard can live with him and study. Super 30 students also live with them and get free guidance, food and shelter. Only providing these three necessities is a very very big sacrifice for an IITian and intelligent person like Mr. Anand Kumar. He could help student pass the IIT exam.

Think when you get tired serving a guest. Your guest! Here he is serving children without any relation and without any need for help in return. Students live with them, get food, get knowledge and all for whole one year for free.

I have created a page on Facebook, when I read that he is planning to open a school in villages. Currently he is running tuition for poor IITian aspirants.So, come to join on Facebook page and made it a biggest community in support of Mr. Anand Kumar.