Dec 20, 2010

One more organization felt threatened by WikiLeaks

Just read the news that Bank of America Cuts Services for WikiLeaks. This is one more frightened entity feel threatened by WikiLeaks cables. WikiLeaks accepts donations for the free service it is providing to the world citizens. WikiLeaks cables/tahalka news has helped many Africans countries get rid of large scale corruptions in the country. It has created general awareness in people mind how his masters/political leaders are managing their money. That time America and other strong nations showed no reservation about WikiLeaks. Now the same things for America and other nations has made WIkiLeaks illegal.

Do not you know how many important failures has gone missing in the name of country's sovereignty. Even according to Indian existing Law such sensitive documents after 20 years can be made public so that citizens can know what has happened. You have listened how those documents from defences has gone missing. WikiLeaks is helpful in such cases. Actually WikiLeaks is little bad for Government and even sometimes for other reason, but it very useful for upliftment of common people. Our govt. establishment, big leaders have their own rule and they follow their own rule. WikiLeaks is helping to uncover those secrets so that we can decide our future, we can decide about our leaders. Big countries and influential leaders are finding difficult to digest it, therefore want to stop this.

Banks banning for donations to WikiLeaks will make WIkiLeaks functioning too difficult and it may automatically close down. We should help protect it.

America has used many times the term terrorist for getting world attention for its use. You all know how much money USA funds to Pakistan, how it provides and sell Arms to Pakistan in name of helping Pakistan govt in name of fighting terrorism, where all those money is used against us. America is a mean country. USA has used the same word for its founder Julian Assange.

News about Bank of America ban of WikiLeaks.

We should oppose the steps taken by America and other to eclipse the future of WikiLeaks.