Feb 27, 2011

Good and Smart Work by Indian Police

Generally Indian police work under corruption and then they does not apply their mind. Corruption is everywhere and police department is no exception. We flay harshly to Indian Police and its service for all those reason. Many times they work intelligently as well but we think those are exceptions and we do not praise for those actions. It is our duty to give enough praise to support then when they work like a gentleman, when they work smart.

Here is a case where Indian Police has worked in very smart way. It is a case of rape. Rapist raped foreign girls and taken valuable items from them. The case is related to place Anekal, near Bangalore. Two German women gang raped by seven people. Police rounded up 100 youths from Anekal and nearby area and paraded for identification by victims. But victims could not identify any of them. So, it was a blind case without any clues.

Police thought to solve this case on their own and laid out a strategy for this. Some policemen posed as a photographers and went to Anekel for free training. Many Villagers came for free photography training. Among them where accused also. Many came with their own camera for training and accused came with stolen camera. Police could find victims photos on them as well. Police arrested four of them at the spot. Is this not the good strategy by police. Is this not a smart move by police! Good show by police, right! Spread the word!

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