Feb 19, 2011

Yoga Guru Ramdev as Prime Minister / Baba's Political Party in Power

By this time all may be aware of Baba Ramdev. He is a yoga guru and has made a big brand of himself and his products. His products include teaching yoga at Haridwar, and Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurvedic medicine are selling like a cake at numerous shops around India. Established brands (Baidyanath, Zandu, Dabur,..) are feeling suffocated. His Ayurvedic products comes with the name of Patanjali.

Ramdev baba after making a brand of himself and his organization want to work for India in the field of political system. He want to give India a corruption free party. He also want to run the country by bringing his party to power. He is eying 2014 Lok Sabha (Parliament) election. According to plan, Ramdev Baba's party will contest all the 500+ seats in Lok Sabha. I am not opposed to his idea.

I am not opposed to Ramdev Baba's idea. I wish to support his cause for the country. I am not like whatever good someone says and I will go behind him for proving he is wrong. In India I have met this kind of creature in numbers. I wish society changes in this matter.

With moral support to Ramdev's cause and wish to see India a developed and happy country, I request Ramdev Baba to form a party at state level first and not at the country level. Talking about the MNC brand and Swadeshi (self-sufficiency) is very easy and it appeal to common masses. But on reality it is very difficult. Ramdev Baba need to work on the same society which is corrupt in its core. He cannot wish to get a different society when in power. Chalking out a plan for forcefully migrated Kashmari Pandits from his own home, plan for changing the mindset of people on corruption, plan for security of India and many many more very complex issues cannot be solved by just Swadeshi movement. I want to see how he perform when in government, when in power, how he handles people coming from corrupt society [India and don't idiotically think Bihar :)] where making money in anyway is mind game and a sign of intelligence. When he can successfully run a government at state level then we will be assured at some level. I am not demanding to cure all illness of any state before going to India level, but just asking for curing some of the problem Indian society is facing. He do not need to go to Bihar, a poor state compared to few. He can work for prosperous state like Karnataka, Maharashtra and others. Karnataka people are tired of all main parties here. You all know Godwa has given name to Karnataka as Kar-Nataka (do-drama), Yeddyurappa proved as feeble and corrupt, and we know here that congress party people are not different. So, at least win the state election here at Karnataka and show us your style of functioning. Then I will believe that he or his party at center is boon for the whole of India.