Jul 10, 2011

Digital Timer at Traffic Signal

I see digital timer at traffic signal is very important in saving fuel. The traffic signal where digital timer is present, help people to know how long they need to wait and according to that people switch off his vehicle. Those without self start also switch off his vehicle at traffic signal where digital timer is provided. They can try starting their vehicle 5-10 seconds before the time ends. Those halted first at traffic signal can think of how long they need to wait at traffic signal, if they are passing by that way regularly. They can guess how long is the signal timing at particular signal but those who came latter cannot determine how long they need to wait, therefore they do not switch-off their motorcycle, car, etc. So, I request to the management to make digital timer available at every traffic signal to help us and government to save valuable fuel. It is directly related to saving currency and reducing money spent in importing fuel.