Aug 6, 2011

DTH Services in India - Tata Sky Reviews

Very recently I have subscribed to Tata Sky DTH services. Set-top box got is for HD quality. It is working correctly. Picture quality is almost all the time good. and sound quality is also good.

After using DTH (Satellite TV) services for few days, I saw one common problem that is visible everywhere. and that problem is Advertisement problem. Marketing manager want to feed as much advertisement as they can! I am watching TV at home and I have paid for the service but still they are pushing advertisement aggressively. Whenever I switch on the TV, I see ad. It can be regarding TATA's own channel (Active channels) or other promos. Hungama Channels are advertising there days through Tata Sky. Instead it should display the channel I was watching before switching off the TV!

Few other things I want Tata Sky to consider are:
  • Sound became louder than it was originally. It should be left as TV settings. Or this just become better in clarity and I should lower the volume! Need to check clearly.
  • When I browse channels I can see one channels at a time. It should show 10-15 channels at a time so that I can choose it easily and sooner than going through each channels in long list of channels. 
  • While browsing channels, they show TataSky logo in big. While watching the channels (any) they also show Tata Sky logo in big. Why they do these thing. I have already purchased this satellite channel and I am using this service at home, who else is going to see the Tata Sky logo and who will get affected by it! Instead it should show channels name in big font while browsing the channels list, so that I can see the channels name easily from long distance and even when I am not at 90 degree of the screen. 
  • After switching on the TV, it should show me the last channels I was watching. and not its own advertisement. 
  • Over all there are lots of improvement required in interface for easy navigability. It just say channels not in your plan than showing all channels in my list and telling that this channels is not in you plan. It may happen that this problem will  go away after my free time will end. but chance are less as those channels I cannot watch they are telling that you cannot watch because you are put into this and that package. If they remove all the channels which I cannot watch then I can fast browse channels. They should put all unsubscribed channels in different list so that when I miss something then I can look into that list and subscribe. 
  • They must keep in mind the consumer right for their the service they provide.  

This list is not a comparison list among different satellite channels provider. There can be high possibility that other DTH service providers are giving worse service or good service. I have not checked other satellite service provider. Overall Tata Sky has good reputation in Bangalore as I felt after listening few.

Needless Tata Sky big logo and normal size font in big screen, difficult to see from long distance: (picture taken from short distance)