Sep 18, 2011

Images from Sankey Tank, Bangalore, India

Here are few images I have captures from Sankey Tank, Bangalore, India. Few more may come in near future. I felt lazy to go there but when I visited and started photography then it was all fun.

It is big. Spread in 15 ha (37.1 acres). Source:

Walkways all around
Huge reserve of Water. The Lake is manmade and was developed as water reservoir. But latter converted into park.

Really colorful!

Children playground. People play badminton as well.

Few ducks are there.

Update: Few more images from Sankey Tank

Children Park, Great place for your children to enjoy your company and open space alike on weekends
Swing, three swing side by side
Verities of places to enjoy by children

Many more here in slideshow or visit the Picasa: