Oct 27, 2011

Lauki (Bottle Gourd) Juice or Fruits With or without Peel?

Just now I have watched discussion on Aaj Tak channel about Lauki (Bottle Gourd) juice. 3 people has died due to Lauki juice. So, should one take Lauki juice or not!
In the discussion, scientists said that better take Lauki without its skin. Peel can have dangerous substance that causes toxins. There will always be a risk of poisonous substance going inside your stomach if you take Lauki with its skin. If your Lauki (Bottle Gourd) has that toxins more than normal Lauki has then your Lauki will taste bitter.

img from nandyala.org
Ramdev Baba also joined in the discussion and he said, he always suggested not to take bitter Lauki. He also said that Lauki grown with fertilizer can be more risky with due to these substances.
So, finally conclusion is not to take Lauki with its skin. He also suggested that if you peel Lauki then chemical sticking on top of the fruits can be avoided. Also, many peel even muli as they think due to this they can avoid much of bacteria.

In home sometimes it is a matter of arguments about peel. I preferred not to take ANY fruit with its peel. As these days it is difficult to find fruit grown in organic farming. So, why take risk for minor gain. If you well off then you may be taking nutrients in abundance or more than required. So, do not take bad things inside. Yoga also said do not take more than required. Yoga also says there are more in peel. But you know chemical is a big risk. We cannot avoid all negative effect of chemical because due to chemical, many changes has already occurred in fruit or vegetables. Only chemical struck outside of fruit/vegetable can be washed off or removed by bay of peeling.