Mar 2, 2012

Lawyers are Behaving like a Unruly Group

Lawyers are behaving like a goon. They enjoy being near to law and knowledge of its code. They use lawyer logo on vehicle to tell the people that he is lawyer and enjoy the protection for law. It is difficult to fight with lawyers in court of law by a common man. So, no one raise voices against them.

Recently, two cases of very serious concern has happened in Bangalore. Not long ago similar event of Lawyer's unruly behaviors happened in Chennai. In January this year itself, lawyer created problem on Bangalore road and jammed it for 7 hours.

Today's Lawyers unruly behaviors started after Reddy accused in mining charges come to court for hearing. It is possible that it is planned for some political reason. But somewhere they know that they can use lawyers for their cause. and for this Lawyers fraternity is responsible. Lawyers thrown chair, stones and anything come into their hand on journalists, police and even students. According to them, journalists present their misbehaved with lawyers and that triggered the violence.