Jun 17, 2013

It is a Tale of Mango Girls

A village in India plants 10 mango tree when a girl child is born as rituals or say customary in that village. This provides money for education, and upbringing of girl. Due to this no dowry death and any female infanticide reported from that village.

The mango tree culture not only provides money for the family but also provides green cover to that area. Children became nature conscious person. 1 million tree is planted over 200 acres of land. Kunal Sharma is working on a documentary movie named 'Mango Girls'. 

The village is located in Bihar and its name is "Dharhara". It is age old practice carried out from 300 years. 

Wait for the movie to know more about it. Kiran Bedi will be there in movie. Till then you can read these articles: