Aug 26, 2013

Test your Speaker's Frequency Range (20 Hz - 20kHz) and more

Human can hear from 20Hz to 2000 Hz (20KHz). So, how long your speaker support you in music. Here is very simple test to test your speaker quality in Frequency Range. If you can hear voices in this video from Start then it supports from 20 Hz frequency which is good. You must probably be listening till 20 KHz (marked in Video) and after that you won't hear as even if your speaker support frequency after that you (human) wont hear after 20 KHz.

Want to test your Headphone more rigorously?
 Here is the best option for testing various things in Speaker. Read the article and download all small wav files to test your newly purchased headphone. Downloaded file can give you better clarity on your headphone as network issue wont be there, it put your testing effort in right direction!If you have gone through this and everything is fine then stop testing your headphone and start enjoying your music. :) Do not forget to like the post!

If you have time and want to hear music which can test your headphone quality as well then here this playlist on YouTube.

Still here! Ok, here are few points to ponder

  • Listening to music through headphones while exercising can be dangerous. Blood may be diverted from the ears to the limbs leaving the inner ear more vulnerable to damage from loud sound. A Finnish study recommended that exercisers should set their headphone volumes to half of their normal loudness and only use them for half an hour. More...
  • At above 160 kbps, sound is near to original. At 320kbps, it is almost equal to original.
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