Feb 26, 2014

Modi is Impotent: Salman Khurshid. Why is this Kind of Attack?

I think the personal comment on Narendra Modi and remembering Godhra by Salman Khurshid is related to desperation that Muslims is becoming more and more rational.

Recently many times you may have noticed that Congress is trying to play communal card. Why anyone refer to Muslims in Maharashtra and tells its ministers that there should not be any discrimination against Muslims when cases come related to terrorism. It is not that Muslims are put in jail just due to their religion. If we see correctly then we all know that there are many cases where poor are inside jail because they cannot fight legal case well etc. So, it is not about Muslims but correction are needed for general masses, if any. There are other examples where you may remember in recent times that Congress has tried to flare up communal card by unrealistically remembering Godhra etc. Why congress is doing so?

Congress, is not happy that BJP is not pressing temple issue etc. BJP has change the course of its political path and it is better on its path of development and through this, it is better working on nationalism. This kind of nationalism is best suited for all castes and creeds. This stance of BJP is not working well for Congress ideology. Change is BJP and change is Muslims are in sync and surely this is very disturbing for Congress, if you try to understand. How can Congress gather free vote in-mass from Muslim community without fear? If trend continues in Muslims then Muslim vote bank will be empty and Muslims will be seen casting vote for reason other than fear. Congress is trying to listen hard line from BJP so that Muslims feel they are only safe with Congress's dirty hand. Somehow BJP has not done anything super dirty or can be seen as super dirty to send Muslims on back foot.

At the time of this Lok Sabha election, Congress highly needed communal card work for them so that BJP's development plan fails. BJP has proof about its development plan but not that strongly for secularism in the eye of Muslims.

Communal card is not working well this time. I saw yesterday on a TV channel, one Muslim leader clearly saying that Muslims should stop voting for fear. and Congress and all others have just used community vote as vote bank and has not done anything good.

Ok, my thinking is that no one can do good for any community in the name of community. Who has done that in past that is real and worked well for community and country at the same time! Development based on social justice is the only option all community should try to look in political parties plan. If any community is laggard in basic requirements then society (or state or country) should support that community so that they can prepare for the future and that community can be any community.

Khurshid attack on Modi is desperation in Congress and they thought that Modi may be deviated by the attack on body. Luckily there are many leaders in India who are unmarried (Mayawati, Jayalalitha, Atal Bihari Vajpaye, Uma Bharthi, and ?).