Apr 17, 2014

How to get your mobile number when you do not have balance?

I was struck when I got a BSNL sim without any balance. I waited for few days and then BSNL sim started getting signal. Oh! This BSNL, please die down.

Vendor who has sold me BSNL sim also has done some goof-up. He promised that he is giving me 3G upto 512 MB and some balance in main account. But there was nothing. Next day, I went to the vendor and he has given me some recharge to full fill the promise he has made.
I was trying to get the mobile number so that I can recharge of my own before going back to vendor for asking about no balance sim. It was all pain without the mobile number. Then I got a service which gives you your mobile number.
Dial '164' from BSNL sim mobile and you get your mobile number spoken to you from other side. It is automated.

Other BSNL SSID code, I collected:
To Check Main Balance:

What was this? Anyway you try and check:

To Check GPRS Balance:

BSNL 3G has not worked any better than Airtel so I am not using it.