Apr 13, 2014

Mobile 3G Services and Airtel 3G in Patna, Bihar

Two Months back, I shifted to Patna from Bangalore and from more than a month, I am using 3G services in Patna, Bihar. It is a review of 3G network and Airtel as provider as well.

I never used to liked mobile wireless technologies as every time I saw it on others computer, I found it very unstable. Here also, I started with BSNL but BSNL people’s attitude forced me to disconnect. They wanted bribe and had indirectly said to me that if you wont pay me bribe then look some other service providers.

There is not much options you have in Patna. Airtel does not provide Fixedline broadband services. BSNL is available but they want bribe and service is like any Govt. dept used to give. But landline speed was good.

Currently mobile wireless networks is little better than what I used to see. I saw that I can work with this connection. It is still not as steady as my 2 mbps Airtel in Bangalore but it was something I can work with 3G connection. Signal strength I get is 3 out of 5 in Patna – 800006. In mobile network signal strength is important and vary from place to place. So, I mentioned it here. It is kind of 1mbps connection. You may see speed in spike. Sometime it goes up like anything when I watch in network speed of my USB modem and in just a second later it shows at near zero. So, it is like 1mbps. Many times when I checked in speedcheck.net then I got 5mbps download speed. Once I saw 7 mbps download speed. :) Too much! Yes, after all it comes in spike so for 2-4 seconds at the time of check, it can be there. But few seconds later then it can be 10 kbps. So, resultant speed is not that high. For web browsing, even less than 1mbps is good enough. For downloading, if you are lucky, you may get very high speed at that time, you got download finished in very short period.

Worst thing I found with 3G and Airtel Mobile network at this place is at night time. At around 10 PM, speed is at worst. Some how I can open a page. It is something, you cannot even browse Facebook. I need to keep internet down between 8 to 11 PM. I complained to Airtel and got good response from customer care but it looks they don’t have solution right now. They assured that they will setup better infrastructure in this area. Sometimes, near 8 PM to 10 PM, 2G works better. But that is when you are lucky. Yes, it is sad that I need to keep internet down at this time due to this reason. How can you work, when you need to refresh a page many times to just see its content!

I tried with BSNL 3G as well with USB dongle, but that is of no use. It gives me 2G speed near to 10 kbps. Some how any page can load. So, just rejected it.