10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World?

May 3, 2014

Here are few dangerous cities which may surprise you depending on how you think of which city?

1. Barquisimeto, Venezuela - city sees murder everyday
2. Peshawar, Pakistan - tribes and warlords fighting, suicide bombing, etc
3. Sana’a, Yemen - political instability
4. Acapulco, Mexico - drug problem. Dead bodies in port is common occurrence.
5. Distrito Central, Honduras - one of the highest murder rates around the globe
6. Maceió, Brazil - sees around 135 murders per 100,000 residents each year
7. Mogadishu, Somalia - problem due to al Shabaab militants
8. Nairobi, Kenya - mostly dangerous for women and al Shabaab militants
9. Chihuahua, Mexico - disturbed due to drug cartel for sending to USA
10. Cali, Colombia - Latin America are mostly disturbed due to drugs and this is no exception.

Source: http://travel.amerikanki.com/most-dangerous-cities-in-the-world/

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