Jul 16, 2014

Few Small IT Companies: Value and Growth Stocks

Here are few IT companies stocks. This can be taken for one or two quarters. One stock is very risky stock.

Mindteck India Ltd -

The Company serves medical device manufacturers, semiconductor companies, analytical/scientific powerhouses, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), public sector entities, telecom and other service companies.

CMP: Rs. 40.50
P/E - 5.38
Price to Sales - 0.29.
Return on Investment - 13.08.

ASM technologies -

IT company interest in infrastructure. The Company provides consulting services in business systems, engineering services, IT infrastructure services and technology solutions.

CMP: Rs. 137.00
P/E: 8.67,
Price to Sales: 0.36,
% of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantit – 82.36%

Debt/Asset – 37.83 is a concern. Though return on investment is 11.82.
Revenue: Mar, 14 – 27.94, Dec, 13 - 27.61

Danlaw Technologies India Limited -

I talked about this. It is a very risky buy. Though price is at rock bottom already.

Danlaw Technologies India Limited (DTIL) is a engaged in providing technology services in the area of engineering services, Internet, developing software products, software services and security solutions for the clients.

% of Deliverable Quantity to Traded Quantity – 99.85

Promoters: 50.9%

Volume is very less in Danlaw so ignore this stock.