Jul 7, 2014

Gokaldas Exports: Value and Growth Stocks

Gokaldas Exports is in export business of Clothes of Man, Women and Children. Textile business is doing Good in India. With better prospect overseas and hope of government policy on textile, textile is a good investment destination. Though all stocks including this has gained much in recent time but still long path to cover.

P/E = 15.03
P/B = 2.71
P/S =

Industry P/E = 27.67

EPS = 6.02
Beta = 1.12
Debt/Asset = 49.21 (Does it consider Promoters pledged shares?)

Positive is Net Profit is increasing rapidly from few quarters.
Negative is all promoters shares (68.27 %) are pledged.
Public shareholding: 22.97% and other companies: 7.76%.

Positive is ICICI bank has acquired stake in it recently.

Availability of cotton etc and Rupee gain can have impact on margin of the company as this is in export.