Indiabulls Real Estate, Adani Enterprise, and Suzlon Energy: Growth and Value stocks

Jul 12, 2014

Here is Economic Times article giving your return from 86% to 61% in these stocks: Indiabulls Real Estate, Adani Enterprise, and Suzlon Energy from one year from now. I will suggest to wait a little before purchasing anyone. When market stabilizes and those stocks also got consolidated then buy.

One year target:
Suzlon - return 61% from current price, July 11
IndiaBulls real estate – 74%
Adani Enterprise – 86%

ET link suggesting stocks based on budget and market crash in recent times.

Larsen and Toubro -
Target Price Rs. 2180 from now to one year,
Current market price: 1655.4.

Target Price for one year: Rs. 3500,

From another article on ET.

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