Jul 11, 2014

Investing in Mutual Fund instead of Directly Investing in Equity

Investing in equity directly can be mind spinning job for many. How to identify stocks to buy, when to sell the stock and what could be the upside in any stocks? There are many more questions that can arise when you go for investing in stocks.

Mutual Fund saves you from all the above problems and more than that. But which mutual fund is better for you? This is one question you need to face. There are many mutual funds in market having different hue and color. Mutual fund comes with different shape and size.

When you go to choose mutual fund, just remember that just one year return is not that enough. Many mutual fund gives far better return in first year but not after that. So, take into account for mutual fund that has given return over few years.

Here it tells that only few percentage of fund manager could manage similar return after few years of investment what they showed in first year. Image has link to original article.