Ahmednagar Forgings Ltd: Value and Growth Stocks

Sep 8, 2014

Buy Ahmednagar Forgings Ltd for including infra related stocks in your portfolio. MM Forgings is still good but it has moved very well and then Ahmednagar Forgings Ltd is looking good. Buy this Ahmednagar Forgings Ltd and sit tight for hefty gain in 2-4 quarters. In 3 months also I am sure to give very good return. If believe that India growth story just begun and still there is long way to go then you can easily buy it.

Ahmednagar Forgings Limited is a forging, axel beam and crankshaft manufacturing company. Its product portfolio consists of a range of components for 2/3 wheelers, cars, tractors, light commercial vehicles (LCV), heavy commercial vehicles (HCV) and stationary engines.

CMP: 403.40,
PE: 8.01,
EV/EBITDA: 5.54.

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