Apr 22, 2016

Kakatiya Cement Sugar And Industries Ltd: Value and Growth Stock

Kakatiya Cement Sugar And Industries Ltd is in strong uptrend. It is already doubled in recent time. Investing here could be a risk of big downfall if boarder market correct strongly.

I see a strong value here even from this price. Double is not big to ask.
It is in cement, sugar and power. It export power which is generated from its own plant.

Sugar industry is in revival mode. Cement is also now in focus of investors. It recent results are also good.

The company has started business with Cement division in 1979. Cement plant is in Nalgonda district. Sugar division is in Khammam District.

Debt is not high.
Debt/Equity = 0.19.
Interest coverage : 16.83


Due to sugar component, it can be volatile.

Check if any correction come and then enter. Without that also, it can be bought but there will be a high risk.

Closing price on April 22, 2016: Rs 338.70.