Jun 28, 2017

Ashish Chugh reveals finding a jackpot from Indian Stock Market

Ashish Chugh is a known name in finding small cap and micro cap stocks. These are the categories, retail investors look to buy most. Though, retail investors lose money most in these categories as well. You need strong sense and some knowledge before you can buy small and micro cap stocks.

Change can give you a chance to pick a stock that can be a multi-bagger. Ashish Chugh has told us few things to watch out for that can give us multi-fold return which initially looks bad to market.

Ashish Chugh tells us to look for Portfolio instead of stocks to check for return on our investment in stock market. If few stocks are not performing well but few has given tremendous return then it may happen that you are sitting on very high return overall. If this is the case then you are doing well.

Ashish Chugh and Porinju Veliyath

(1) Always adopt a “Basket” approach to buying stocks. - He means to say that use portfolio to check your return and not each stock only. If portfolio return is high then it is all good.

(2) Look for companies with “curable” negatives - He mean to say that if any bad news comes that is curable or it was blown out of proportion then use this negative sentiment to load quality mid-cap and small-cap shares.

(3) Keep alert for big-ticket investors dumping de-merged stocks - Examples: Arvind Infra and Marico and Marico Kaya. De-merger can provide appropriate entry point.

(4) Look for GST Migration beneficiaries - Stationary and plywood are very unorganized and that's why those listed but progressive companies will benefit a lot.

In detail - Ways of finding a jackpot by Ashish Chugh.