Jun 7, 2017

Fixed Basic Income to all Citizens - Iran result is out

Iran has implemented Basic income for all its citizens in 2011. Result is out from that.
In general, it is assumed that fixed basic income to all without any work will make people lazy.
India is also considering about fixed basic income.

In report, to everyone's surprise, it is not evident that people stopped working. Even time spent has increased. Means people worked for more hour.

They did find people in their twenties tended to work a bit less. But "this is not surprising since the attachment of Iranian youth to the labor market is weak," they wrote, and many young people may have used the money to enroll in higher education they otherwise couldn't afford.
Seeing the result in Iran, we are now happy that Indian government can think of implementing basic income for all its citizen in India. High percentage of its population are below poverty line. Our nation's health will improve drastically after that. Health not just physical and mental but also spiritual wellbeing can improve after that. Education can improve.

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